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The G20's role in the post-crisis world

By Publicaciones FRIDE (02/09/2010) Other publications




The upcoming G20 Summit, which will take place on 11-12 November in Seoul, will be the first G20 meeting overseen by a non-G8 country and represents a unique opportunity to enhance the body’s credibility and broaden its appeal.

The Korean government should offer international representatives of the G20 an ambitious but pragmatic set of proposals, maintaining existing commitments, especially those related to the financial crisis management, but focusing also on the strengthening of global governance and development. Seoul provides an opportunity for the G20 finally to deliberate on its role beyond reactive crisis fire-fighter.

FRIDE and the Club of Madrid have carried out a comprehensive project, with the aim of advising Korea ahead of the G20 summit. The result is a wide-ranging analysis on the G20’s role in the post-crisis world, including:


Executive Summary: Recommendations to the Government of South Korea

- 8 Policy Briefs:

The G20: Panacea or window-dressing? Giovanni Grevi
The G20 and broader multilateral reform. John Kirton
The G20 and the global governance of development. Nils-Sjard Schulz
The G20 and global financial governance. José Antonio Ocampo and
   Stephany Griffith-Jones
A Southern perspective on the reform of international financial
. Peter Draper and Memory Dube
A development agenda for the G20. Rajiv Kumar
The G20 and the multilateral trade impasse. Diana Tussie
The G20 and development: The Korean agenda. Deok Ryong Yoon

The project ‘G20’s role in the post-crisis world’ is jointly undertaken by the Club of Madrid, FRIDE and the Government of Korea, with the support of the German Marshall Fund of the United States, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and the Korean Institute for International Economic Policy.





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