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The third wave of development players

By Nils-Sjard Schulz (05/11/2010) Policy Brief
Kiet Callies/Flickr

Traditional aid donors and the big emerging economies are reviewing their respective roles as global development players, but failing to build actual commitments. At the same time, a third group of development providers has quietly entered the stage.

The CIVETS group – Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa – is not only attractive to global investors; it also brings a new wave of development partnerships that go beyond the rich-poor logic and promote South-South knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer learning.

Over the next months, the scope and quality of development policy decisions also depends on the role that the CIVETS countries will play at the G20, UN and Development Assistance Committee (DAC) levels.

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Global governance of aid. Aid policy and effectiveness. Donor harmonisation. International division of labour. South-South cooperation.

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