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Between North and South: Brazil in the international security system

By Sarah-Lea John de Sousa (01/01/2009) Other publications

Brazil is asuming an increasingly important role in the international system and, particularly, in the field of peace and security. Its hybrid identity being situated between North and South proviedes the basis for defending the interests of the development world and, at the same time, being heard by the big powers. Brazils activities in the internacional arena are also based on its important economic and policitical power and its pacific tradition. It is not a big military power, but has participated actively in different Peace Missions of the United Nations and, at least since redemocratization, Brazil has developed a strategy aiming at consolidate its position as regional stabilizing power and, at the same time, strengthen its role in the international system.

Published in Nueva Sociedad, Especial en Portugues 2008, Brasil No Mundo,

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