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By Publicaciones ForoAOD (17/07/2006) Other publications

This background document intends to open the discussion on effective multilateralism in Spanish aid.

Firstly and generally, it gives some definition of what multilateral aid is, it outlines arguments of comparative advantages between multilateral and bilateral aid and it presents a set of instruments with which donor countries can influence multilateral organisations.

Secondly and turning to the Spanish reality in 2006, it outlines some key characteristics of the Spanish multilateral aid, recalls the commitments of 2004 when the current government took office and presents some questions for discussion.

Download the full version of this publication, available in:
English (127 kB)
Spanish (126 kB)

The FOROAOD has been designed as a democratic experiment to involve citizens, policy-makers and academics from North and South in a consultation process about the Spanish Development Cooperation.

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