Organizational Chart



  Pedro Solbes
  Giovanni Grevi
  Magdalena Segre
Deputy Director
  Daniel Keohane
Research Director
Jos Boonstra
Head of the Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia Programme
Elisa Lledó
Junior Researcher
Andreas Marazis
Junior Researcher
Clare Castillejo
Senior Researcher
Kristina Kausch
Head of The Middle East Programme
Barah Mikail
Senior Researcher
Ana Echagüe
Senior Researcher
Gauri Khandekar
Head of the Asia Programme
  Associate Fellows  
Anouar Boukhars Nigar Goksel Kateryna Pishchikova
Edward Burke Susanne Gratius Natalia Shapovalova
Alain Délétroz Marlène Laruelle Luis Simón
 Ibrahim El Houdaiby Martin Petri Laura Tedesco
  Sébastien Peyrouse  
Alba Ambrós
Research & Communications Officer
Ana Martiningui
Communications Chief
Alba Toajas
Documentalist & Internship Programme Coordinator
Belén Galindo
Events and Web Manager
María Victoria Rincón
Project Manager
Ana Valiente
Communications Officer
Roberto López
Financial and accounting officer
Ghita Tadlaoui
Programme associate
Enrique Ruiz
Finance and Human Resources Manager


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