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FRIDE is one of the three best think-tanks in Spain


FRIDE is one of the three most influential think tanks  in Spain in the sphere of international relations and security, according to a recent publication by the Fundación Ciudadanía y Valores (Foundation on Citizenship and Values).

The “Guía de Think Tanks en España” (“Guide to Think Tanks in Spain”) deems FRIDE to be the third most important think tank in the country, only behind the Real Instituto Elcano and the Grupo de Estudios Estratégicos (GEES).

The above-mentioned document is designed to provide information on these institutions and their role in society, listing the 31 most important “idea factories” at the national level.

As the Guide indicates, Spanish think tanks have gradually gained ground, but they still have a long way to go to reach the level of their American counterparts, which now serve as the true hosts of public debate. The Fundación Ciudadanía y Valores describes how two dimensions are necessary in order for an elite group of thinkers to become productive: not only leading analysts, but also a society and political class prepared to listen to them. Such conditions have not yet fully taken root in Spain.

Currently, there are 5,080 think tanks throughout the world, of which 1,776 are in the United States. Second to the US is the UK, with 283 think tanks, followed by Germany, with 187. In Spain, the first such institution was the Fundación Pablo Iglesias, which was established in 1926 in order to spread socialist ideas.

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